5 exercises “belly” flat belly simple fit to bang in 5 minutes!!!

5 exercises “belly” flat belly simple fit to bang in 5 minutes!!!

5 exercises “belly” flat belly simple fit to bang in 5 minutes!!!

Exercises to lose belly flat. This fifth position is decidedly lower abdomen is very simple. It takes only 5 minutes !!!

For those who say that belly bulge around the belly is very simple, but it is hard. Let’s review a new look because Joan chain guru exercise to lose weight in the famous site YouTube mash Com has five positions lower abdomen flat simple deposit plus exercise belly. a very short time For people who start exercising in the introduction to belly. Or the belly for some time and then want to change some exercises, invites it.

The exercises reduce belly bulge to become a belly flat on the advice of a guru who has all five positions as well.

5 See, I belly all this is not difficult. Each posture and exercise takes 40 seconds to 20 seconds before starting the next port of Sochi, where Joan told me that if you want to increase the time of exercise they do. Just do not make a move under 40 seconds is enough.

At this point, you do not have to wait any longer. Luis exercise belly now!

Position 1 Basic Crunches

          – Sleep knees on the mat.
– Arms straight, parallel to the plane of the thigh.
– Exert raised both shoulders from the floor. Pull in your stomach and put both hands to touch the knees. Then return to starting position. And repeat until 40 seconds 20 seconds before starting Haven.

Position 2 Toe Dip

          – Sleep knees on the mat. Place the arms beside the body.
– Exert a leg up on both sides simultaneously. This will stretch the legs to match or not.
– Slowly lower the leg back to its original position. Continue to do this until 20 minutes 40 seconds.

Position 3 Hand to Toe Touch.

          – Lying on a yoga mat Arm to the head And leg match
– Tighten the left arm and right leg to touch each other. Then switch to the other side for 40 seconds every 20 minutes.

Position 4 Russian Twist

          – Kneeling on the mat. Virtual leaned against a chair Hands together at chest
– Rotate upper body to the side, trying to move as little as possible in the lower torso.

5 Plank posture

          – Lying face flat on the mat.
– Set them up vertically. Stretch your feet straight
– Lift the torso up into functions in Downtown. By trying to keep the torso parallel to the floor. Do not bend too prominent buttocks And not too loose bottom
– Plankton pretending to hold a full 20 minutes and 40 seconds, finishing with stretching, body posture end.

Not hard to really know what exercises to reduce belly recipes Joanne Soo and she recommended that for best results, should I exercise five times a week for at least three. By early May, only one set, but if you do so for some time, it should be two sets each. And it is much better if you try to pretend these exercises to lose belly up to 3-4 times per set.

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