7 workouts lower thighs, hips and buttocks tight fit resumed in an extremely tight.

7 workouts lower thighs, hips and buttocks tight fit resumed in an extremely tight.

7 workouts lower thighs, hips and buttocks tight fit resumed in an extremely tight.

See workouts Reducing the thighs, hips, lower buttocks and lower back simultaneously at one time. For the body to fit a young Heath County.

The girls are no less toned body to exercise tight fitting look. The robot that looks slender builds confidence in everything going very well. Today gearbox Com’s offer exercises that can be easily save you at the end, because the exercise resumed reduce the thighs, hips and buttocks simultaneously helping Slim Fit & Firm without. need to exercise twice as long as usual.

1. dumbbell step-ups (Dumbbell Step-Ups).

Port of simple things you can do with a dumbbell and ground level or stairs. This position will help strengthen the muscles around the hip. Buttocks and thighs together those who have thick thighs, buttocks and other routine port. Certification is out!


1. Stand straight facing the ladder. Ground level Or two side chairs, a small hand-held dumbbells or water bottles fit in the hand.
2. Step right up to the top place. Left foot on the ground Then tiptoe up to the right foot. Then put the left foot down
3. Repeat 15-20 times on each side, all three sets.

2. Plymouth ye squash (Plié Squat).

Port squash this position. A posture adapted from practicing ballet. This is a position that allows tight fit, muscular hips, buttocks and thighs, especially the inner thigh fat girls who want to board the third part is to be held at all.


1. Stand straight, legs spread out to a distance of two feet on both sides, slightly wider than shoulder-foot tilted 45 degrees.
2. Stand with your back straight, hands folded over chest, sides slightly.
3. bend down until your knees perpendicular to the ground. Then straighten up
4. Repeat 15-20 times, all three sets.

3. Side Lake elevator (Side Leg Lift).

This position will focus on exercise, the lower hip area. But at the same time it will help firm your thighs and buttocks to be strong as well. Do all certification body exactly sure.


1. Lie on left side Left leg over the right leg Right hand, feet hip Place your left arm over your head
2. Lift the left leg up to the side of the torso about 45 degrees by the second legs are straight, then put it down.
3. Repeat 15-20 times, all three sets and then switch to the other side.

4. Singleton Lake Dead Lift (Single Leg Deadlift).

The exercise quite a bit brutal. It requires balancing with. If you do it every day, legs, hips, buttocks, Fit & Firm will not be just a dream, of course.


1. Stand straight, feet together, holding hands, the two sides dumbbell. Or a water bottle filled with water.
2. leaned forward, arms straight to the bottom two sides with a dumbbell weight set. Lift the left leg towards the back leg straight back. And in the back.
3. lifted back to its original position Repeat 15-20 times on each side, all three sets.

5. Kerch Sea Island Lodge (Curtsy Lunge).

 Kerch Sea or the Bay County is known as a skate Peter Alan Lodge (Skater Lunge) exercise similar to a normal position, Alan. But adding to the challenge with a cross to the back leg. As a result, the muscles around the hips, thighs and buttocks exercise more.


1. Stand straight, feet slightly apart separately. According to a release arm
2. step left foot cross to the back and bend down. But do not let him touch the ground Hands clasped together in front of the chest area.
3. Straighten Up to switch the two sides.
4. Repeat 15-20 times, all three sets.

6. Fire hydraulic Brunt (Fire Hydrant).

For girls who want to emphasize the hips and butt exercises. It would fit with a thigh. This move can help me The port will activate the muscles, buttocks and hips. It also helps to strengthen the muscles in the thigh again. There is also helping to train the balance of the body.


1. kneeling on the floor with both hands placed on the second floor of the front fuselage stretch back straight.
2. Lift the left leg to the side as possible. The legs are bent at 90 degrees and in the manner laid down.
3. Repeat 15-20 times on each side, all three sets.

7. Apply a high knee lift (High Knee).

Finally, the most basic exercises that work the lower body and the hips, thighs and buttocks as well. It also exercises the abdominal muscles as well. Several works on so much.


1. Stand straight, legs slightly apart two sides. Lateral release
2. Lift the arms up, hands in the chest. Arm perpendicular to the ground upside down for the long run, pointing out the body.
3. Lift the left knee up and touch the hand. If picking up a knee as high as you can put your foot down, switch to the right side.
4. Gradually increase the speed up to 20 times over three sets.

The next seven positions filled with these simple if you have the time to fit it pretty well anyway. But do not forget that, despite exercising and slimming. We also need to control eating. Otherwise, it’s Rather than have a slender legs. And hip-looking tight fitting tight. May have a stout suspension plus with cellulite instead. This time he stressed more than ever, I do not know.

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