A “weight loss” Each pose burn a few calories?!! Burns ready to give more.

A “weight loss” Each pose burn a few calories?!! Burns ready to give more.

A “weight loss” Each pose burn a few calories?!! Burns ready to give more.

Swimming to lose weight really is. Czechs come together once Each posture pool helps burn calories too much.

Swimming is an exercise cardio high performance. Moreover, the exercise, the risk of injury compared to other types of exercise, so the pool is one way to exercise, lose weight, gain popularity. I always wondered what that. The pool at a time will help burn calories very much. So do but wait. Let’s see you do better than that, swim a position to burn calories much together.

Swimming is an exercise that burns calories quite a bit. The number of calories burned in each one more or less, it depends on many factors such as the seriousness of exercise, weight, position, speed swimming pool. Fitness Or even the duration of the swim.

The American Heart Association (American Heart Association – AHA) has revealed that when compared in terms of body weight and speed in the pool then. Who weighs 150 pounds (about 68 kilograms) and swim at a speed of about 23 meters per minute can burn calories to 225 calories per hour. Swim at a speed of 46 meters per minute will burn calories 500 calories per hour. If body weight is 90 kg and swim at a speed of 46 meters per minute, it will burn calories up to 650 calories.

For the sake of the harbor pool, it is important to burn calories, too. The Amateur Swimming Association of the United Kingdom (The Amateur Swimming Association – ASA) was disclosed that each position in the pool for 30 minutes can burn calories below.

Butterfly (Butterfly Stroke)

Can burn calories equivalent to 404 kcal ran for about 30 minutes.

Backstroke (Back Stroke)

257 calories can burn calories equivalent to walking for about 100 minutes.

Breaststroke (Breast Stroke)

 Can burn calories equivalent to 367 kcal cycling for about 60 minutes.

Freestyle swimming (Front Crawl).

If it’s a slow burn calories to 257 calories, the equivalent of walking for about 100 minutes, but that is soon to burn 404 calories, the equivalent of jogging for about 30 minutes.

In addition to the general pool without swimming posture. The activity light on the water as if he hit 30 consecutive minutes it takes to burn calories up to 220 calories as well.

Swim, how to burn more?

Seeing to it that swimming can burn calories very much. But if you want the body to burn more calories, but there are ways to tell. Just do these things more into the pool guarantee that. Calories burned body was very satisfying indeed.

1. a continued

The exercise by swimming as exercise, tired late to exercise more, so if you want to burn calories more just swim continuously and stop just short, just 10 seconds before the start. Swimming again Make your metabolism work has continued it.

2. swim faster

The speed of the pool can increase the metabolism of the body. But it does not have enough speed to do that all the time. The pool as well for a long time can cause injuries such as leg cramps. This is very dangerous It should simply speed up the pool as soon as the first one slowly turns around, then gradually add the two slow laps around a second quicker this will stimulate your metabolism is good.

3. Wear added

Although the pool will not require any equipment. But there are also accessories for the pool several that will help you burn calories, more exercise equipment, such as rowing, swimming, flippers, mask and snorkel, or even. Because these devices will increase the heart rate and speed up the pool more. As a result, the body burns more of it.

4. a mixture of several poses.

This method is called IM set (individual medley), which is a multi-port turns in a set, for example, a 100 meter waterfront pool 4 Tata of 25 meters or swim 200 meters with a posture that. Tata, 50, and 4 meters swimming butterfly, backstroke starts at Ta Ta Ta and finished with a frog swimming freestyle. It may be limited or unlimited time. This will speed up the body to burn calories more than usual. As a result, Byrne was up there.

5. control the heart rate.

The heart rate is associated with the metabolism of the body. So if you want the body to burn calories more, it should take control of the heart rate is at 80% of maximum heart rate throughout the workout you. Because the body is working at full capacity without causing too tired. And how to control the rate of the heartbeat is. After you swim, all around 10-15, you should measure your heart rate manually. With the

How to measure your heart rate after exercise.

1. Use the index finger and middle finger touching the thumb to the wrist. You can feel the pulse.

2. 10-second timer that counts pulse a few times. Then multiply by six to a heart rate per minute.

3. Want to know if we have a maximum heart rate of 220, which shall be a maximum heart rate of a standard. Remove the actual age Maximum heart rate is our own example the age of 25 years maximum heart rate is 220-25 = 195 bpm.

4. The heart rate of a 80% top rate. With the introduction of maximum heart rate of 0.8 multiplied by itself would have a heart rate at 80%, for example, 195 x 0.8 = 156 bpm.

5. The heart rate is measured at first compared. If calculated over the rest. Or if more than the maximum rate should not be forced to exercise because it might cause a shock to me.

Well aware of this, I like to swim, exercise would even love to swim more anyway. For those who still hesitate to start a good swimmer or not, I probably would have been decided. But do not overdo it too much and exercise too. The results are still not good, as opposed to fitness, but fit.

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