Technical or concealer easy to do!

Technical or concealer easy to do!

Technical or concealer easy to do!


Concealer Cosmetics is necessary for girls. Who want to smooth facial wrinkles and acne. The spots do not have a lot of heart. The concealer to help hide flaws, these superbly perfectly. You need to know how to use concealer to correct. If not, Instead of helping cover up the defects of the skin. It would emphasize to stand up so bad. Today, we have a simple technique. In a concealer to Perry, effects come as well.

Surface Preparation

Prep the skin by cleansing and Joyce Tam riser moisturizing. To help cosmetics are applied to the skin to smooth out this close to the skin as well. It also helps restore skin from exposure to chemicals in cosmetics for a long time.

young beauty with cream
young beauty with cream

Foundation or concealer before.

The debate is often That should be a concealer or foundation first. Verily, which can be anything before it. Only to spread and smooth the skin as possible. And only worn thin In order to look beautiful naturally. Roy is a cosmetic problem that does not go smoothly.

Choose a concealer shade that suits your skin condition.

The choice of colors to suit your skin concealer. Makes makeup look perfect in the West. The details of the selection of the appropriate color concealer.

  • Yellow concealer that can be used on all skin types. It works best if used to cover blemishes and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Orange helps to conceal dark circles under and dark spots on the face.
  • Pink for the cover of the dark spots on the face. And is perfect for a girl with white and pink.
  • Purple makes skin look brighter and more radiant. In particular, people with dark skin or a tan.
  • Blue help covers the redness of acne effectively.
Woman applying base
Woman applying base

Simple techniques can help smooth.

Technical concealer down easily. The concealer close to the skin surface as well. You can do the following:

  • Trey concealer into the area to cover. It’s not so much the amount or too little. Then use your fingers to gently press down on the skin concealer close to the surface gently. If you are not confident you could use a brush.
  • Use a brush or sponge to blend the concealer evenly distributed to keep the skin smooth as possible.

These steps will help the girls. Concealer can be smooth. Revealing a face that looks radiant. Wrinkles and dark spots. It also makes it easier to make the next step up, too. 

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